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Our Services Include

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Home INR Testing Machines

mdINR® offers intuitive, reliable PT/INR self-testing monitors and supplies, including test strips and lancets. Our user-friendly tests allow you to check your PT/INR at home anytime. We will provide you with an easy-to-use monitor and test strips similar to what you may have seen in your provider's office.
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Patient Education and Training

mdINR® focuses on giving you the confidence you need to manage your health. Forget worrying about your tech-savviness or medical experience—our face-to-face training will teach you how to test your PT/INR values successfully. Our tests show quick results, allowing for access to medical counsel. With home INR testing, you enjoy better peace of mind.

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Insurance Assistance

Our goal is to make your warfarin treatment as smooth and effective as possible. Our team will coordinate with Medicare or your private insurance to determine your eligibility for reimbursement so you can focus on your health.

Better Health Outcomes

Your health is our top priority. Research has shown that regular self-testing reduces your risk of bleeding and clotting. With mdINR®, you can test your PT/INR at the time that works best for you, consistent with your practitioner’s prescription. Your results are shared with your practitioner, so they can review them with you and make any necessary changes to your prescription.
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In-Home Testing

Patients can monitor and test their INR levels and get reliable results in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Risk Management

Home testing allows high-risk patients to be safely removed from possible exposure to COVID-19 during facility-based INR testing.
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PT/INR Training

Our local clinical staff works to help make sure that patients are trained in and adhere to testing regimens.

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