Why Self-Test?

home testing
Self-testing allows patients to test their INR from home or any other location.

Self-testing improves INR control and significantly reduces the risk of major complications.

How mdINR® Can Help

Our PT/INR home testing and monitoring services are designed to make testing as easy as possible for you from the moment you contact us.

Patient Enrollment
  • Once your provider has determined that home INR testing is right for you, we will obtain a prescription for the home INR testing and monitoring service. We’ll contact your provider to ensure your prescription is properly filled out, valid for the service, and follows all insurance guidelines.
Insurance Coverage
  • There must be a valid prescription for the monitor and home testing, in accordance with all applicable insurance guidelines.
Personalized Training
  • A certified trainer will come to your home and teach you how to properly use the PT/INR meter, supplies, and how to report your INR test results.
Free Home Delivery
  • Following the personalized training we will send your test strips and lancets directly to your home so you can focus on the important things in life.
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